About the Book

To strengthen the moral conscience and reduce the fear of maths of children I have a strong urge to write a book. So that if conveyed in a proper manner. This will not only reduce their fear for mathematics but also make them morally correct. Because as a human being I personally believe we all have responsibility to give back to the society in one way or the other. I want today’s children (tomorrow’s future) to be morally correct. There is no point of making them intelligent if they are not morally correct. Once they have correct moral conscience. They will understand the basic essence of life. They will give back society and not live selfish life. Then if I can remove their fear of mathematics through vedic sutras. Thus these children of today will grow into intelligent future of tomorrow with correct moral conscience. So that they don’t ruin their life even if they are intelligent.

Thus an attempt has been made to write moral stories based on vedic sutras to correct moral conscience and making them love mathematics by doing maths with the help of vedic sutras. An initiative for a better future.

My vision is to take this book to every school which should be used as a tool to morally correct the children with the help of moral stories and then try to make them better in mathematics with Vedic sutras and making it entertaining to them with fun. As maths is considered as a fearing subject. The best way to overcome fear is fun. This is the reason I have added an element of fun in the book. So that they can overrule fear and come close to mathematics and learn them fearlessly.